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SCCM General – Image Name and Date

Credit – Mini Monster Builder, Sherry Kissinger

Caution from from Mini Monster Builder: You, as an administrator of your SMS or ConfigMgr environment, understand this is only a collection of text files. What you choose to do with them is your responsibility. All precautions should be taken by you to ensure these edits do not harm your environment. This includes but is not limited to you testing in a lab environment first, and understanding what adding custom classes to your Hardware Inventory will affect your database, and your clients’ processing. Some snippets can and will cause issues to your clients, your database, or your domain controllers. Carefully evaluate every edit.

Configuration: To get the image (OSD/BDD/MDT) name and date to appear in your database you need to edit the MOF.  Below are the changes required to get this information – remember that the changes will take time to get to the clients (times vary on how you setup the client).  The changes should be put in a spot that you can find easily such as the end of the file.
Location of files: inboxesclifiles.srchinv
//  <:[-<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>-Custom Image Version Number-<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>-]:> 
#pragma namespace("\\.\root\cimv2")
Class MDImageID
  [key] string  KeyName="";
        string  ImageID[];
        string  ImagedDate[];
instance of MDImageID
  [PropertyContext("local|HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Setup|OEMDuplicatorString"), Dynamic, Provider("RegPropProv")] ImageID;
  [PropertyContext("local|HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Setup|CloneTag"), Dynamic, Provider("RegPropProv")] ImagedDate;
//  <:[-<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>END>>-Custom Image Version Number-<<END<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>-]:>
//  <:[-<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>-Custom Image Version Number-<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>-]:> 
#pragma namespace("\\.\root\cimv2\SMS")
#pragma deleteclass("MDImageID", NOFAIL)
[SMS_Report(TRUE), SMS_Group_Name("MD Image ID"), SMS_Class_ID("ImageID")]
Class MDImageID : SMS_Class_Template
  [SMS_Report(TRUE),key]  string  KeyName;
  [SMS_Report(TRUE) ]     string  ImageID[];
  [SMS_Report(TRUE) ]     string  ImagedDate[];
//  <:[-<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>END>>-Custom Image Version Number-<<END<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>-]:>
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