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WSUS – Install, Upgrade, Repair Failures

Problem Description
I recently had a SCCM Secondary Site Software Update Point go crazy with errors and warnings.  When I logged into the problem server to check on the WSUS 3.0 SP1 install I had no clue what I was in for.  I verified that I could not connect to the WSUS server instance on the device.  It stated tha SQL must not be running – but it was.  I tried to remove WSUS so I could reinstall…no luck.  So I tried to reinstall WSUS 3.0 SP1 (the version that was previously installed) which did not work.  Then I tried to install WSUS 3.0 SP2 which did not work.  I was getting errors like:
  •  ExecuteQuery: Failed to execute SQL query USE SUSDB IF EXISTS (select * FROM master..sysdatabases WHERE name= N’SUSDB’ AND suser_sname(sid) is null) EXEC dbo.sp_changedbowner N’DOMAINACCOUNT'(Error 0x80040E14)
  • ExecuteQueryGetNoResults: Failed to execute query USE %s IF EXISTS (select * FROM master..sysdatabases WHERE name= N’%s’ AND suser_sname(sid) is null) EXEC dbo.sp_changedbowner N’%s’ (Error 0x80040E14)
  •  CUpgradeDriver::PerformPreSetupActions: Failed to reset database owner name for SUSDB to owner DOMAINACCOUNT (Error 0x80040E14)
  • CSetupDriver::LaunchSetup: Failed to perform pre-setup actions (Error 0x80040E14)
  • CProgressManager::EnableCancel: GetDlgItem returning error (Error 0x80070578: Invalid window handle.)
  • DoInstall: Wsus setup failed (Error 0x80040E14)
I do not know wat happened to create this situation but this particular server had some local disk removed at one point – it is a long story that involves other people adding disk without approval and then pulling it when questioned.  But my best guess is the WSUS did a repair at one point which SCCM can initiate at times and it may have used some of the disk that was removed.  It is a long shot but helped me troubleshoot further.
The really big indicator that the install was messed up was C:WSUS did not have all of the files it should – the biggest issue was that the database file did not exist.  No wonder the consle would not work!  So, what I determined based on my troubleshooting is that I had less than a full install and not enough to install a newer version, upgrade from the previous install or repair the install.  I had to clean up this mess…

Install "Windows Installer Cleanup" from MSICUU2.EXE (use the link below) and run the following command at the command prompt"

Link: http://download.microsoft.com/download/e/9/d/e9d80355-7ab4-45b8-80e8-983a48d5e1bd/msicuu2.exe 
Commandline: "C:Program FilesWindows Installer Clean UpMSIZAP.EXE" T {2C0D7E35-EE6E-4DC7-BA13-2C68AEDEB59D}

I then tried the install of WSUS 3.0 SP2 which did not work (still not sure about that one but need to get this production ASAP).  So I installed WSUS 3.0 SP1 without any issues and the sync is running just fine.

***NOTE***  Please verify that you have the correct product code by looking at the registry location listed below (i.e. this is for x86 not x64).

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