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Creating an Answer File

  1. Install Windows 7 WAIK on your computer (not the reference machine)
  2. Copy "Install.wim" from the /Sources folder on your Windows 7 DVD to a folder on your local disk (i.e. C:MyImages)
  3. Open Windows System Image Manager (SIM) from the WAIK folder under the Start Menu
  4. In SIM  right click on "Select a Windows image" and click on "Select Windows Image…"
  5. Select your image
  6. If you are prompted to create a catalog file select "Yes"
  7. The catalog file will generate
  8. On the File menu select "New Answer File"
  9. Expand "Components" under the image (left side)
  10. Right click on the components you want to add and select the appropriate "Pass"
  11. Select the added components within the Answer File (middle pane) and then modify the settings in the right pane
  12. When you have made all of your customizations under the "Tools" menu select "Validate Answer File"
  13. You should see the validation in the bottom pane
  14. Warnings about the changes are okay but errors or other warninings need to be reviewed and changes to the Answer File should be made accordingly
  15. Save the Answer File when finalized by using the "File" menu
  16. Save the file as Autounattend.xml
  17. Copy this to the root directory of a removable storage device
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