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“Install not allow as another job is still in progress.”


I was having an issue with a ConfigMgr client not installing updates and other software today. While the first thing I did was try to determine if, “my favorite thing Windows XP has to offer” – sarcasm, WMI was corrupt it did not appear so at first. No matter if the device was reboot, machine policy reset, killing running jobs,  etc. nothing would happen other than the error “Install not allow as another job is still in progress”.

Then I stumbled upon some advise in the TechNet forums that pointed to WMI issues and suggested that I use Client Center to “Delete root\ccm” and let the ConfigMgr client repair itself.


About 7 minutes later I was anxiously watching the “ccmexec.log”, “execmgr.log” and “updatesdeployment.log” files on the remote device…but nothing – and I was impatient so I did a remote re-install using PSTOOLS only to find that WMI was still an issue. I ended up having to rebuild WMI – not the route I would have liked to have taken out suggest doping out of the gate.

What seems like an eternity later (30 minutes of working in this amongst other priorities) I am seeing a repaired client chatting it up with the servers like crazy so I am anxiously watching again…

FINALLY! The updates are applying and things look way better.

Source link: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en/configmgrsum/thread/46a1c9aa-df8c-4b3e-be53-03f4a5958cb2

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