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ConfigMgr OSD & Citrix XenApp 6 Updates

So we have been working on automating Citrix XA6 server builds using ConfigMgr OSD. One of the challenges we had to overcome were the Citrix XA6 updates. For the most part they can install just fine with a “/qb /norestart”…but then there are XA600W2K8R2X64010 and XA600W2K8R2X64026.

Both of these updates require some applications to be stopped. While you can pass commands to kill the process or write a script to handle this you will still run into problems with XA600W2K8R2X64010. This update in particular caused me some headache. I wrote a script that killed all of the services that it was prompting me about. Then it said that Terminal Services needed to be installed for the update to apply…but wait…that was one of the processes I had to kill to get rid of the message. So, I removed that step in my script to leave Terminal Services running since it seemed to need it…then it prompted saying that it needed to the process/application to be closed. Sort of like a dog chasing it’s tail, huh?

Then I stumbled upon the following command line syntax. This works with all of the .msp files and in such a way that it will not care what is running or require any intervention. So no script required and I just created a package with the updates and associated programs.

msiexec /qb /passive /norestart /p filename.msp

This worked for sure with the following:


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