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Address Schedule & Rate Limits

March 24, 2010 Leave a comment

In one of my other posts I had BITS throttling configuration documented to reduce the bandwidth used by SCCM Distribution Point traffic between Primary and Secondary Sites.  This alone unfortunately did not reduce our traffic enough to keep the Networking guys happy.  We had a couple of larger packages get updated during business hours and this hurt the performance of a few smaller sites.  So I dug in further and found the options detailed below.  These did the trick but certainly created a situation where the entire team needs to be aware that packages will not replicate until the defined times or it will be a slower transfer.

  • In the SCCM Console expand your site and select "Addresses"
  • Open the properties of an address and select the "Schedule" tab
  • In this tab you can select ranges of time and define the availability that you desire


  • Click on the "Rate Limits" tab
  • Modify the limit options to meet your needs



SCCM Network Utilization – BITS Throttling

November 30, 2009 2 comments
UPDATE:  This solution did not fix our traffic issues in full.  Please check out my other post about schedules and rate limits for sender addresses at:!39ED2989E824DC77!438.entry
If you are looking to throttle SCCM’s WAN traffic an option is to trottle BITS if you do not have the traffic throttled on your network infrastructure.  Server-to-Server transfers use BITS which is only aware of it’s local Ethernet connection.
Within the SCCM console you can specify to throttle traffic under the Computer Client Agent Properties found within Site ManagementSiteSite SettingsClient Agents.  — Be Careful — within this window you have the option to trottle "Branch Distribution Points" or all clients which is a little confusing unless you really stop and think about it.  A "Branch Distribution Point" is a specific type of DP which is different than a "Standard Distribution Point".
So, for "Branch Distribution Points" you can throttle traffic within the console (see screenshot).
Throttling BITS traffic for al clients seems a bit over the top so instead there is an option within Group Policy Preferences to throttle BITS traffic (see screenshot).
Of course you can do this with a local policy (see screenshot).
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