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Generate a new GUID for the SCCM Client

February 4, 2010 1 comment
It was not until I started working on getting our HP Thin Clients to work with SCCM imaging that I had to worry about generating a new GUID for the SCCM client without doing a repair or reinstallation.  You see the HP t5720 is really the thorn in my side.  The HP t5720 devices we have are 80% of our thin client population and only have 512MB of flash disk and 512MB of RAM.  In order to get the SCCM client to really work well with Windows XP Embedded 2002 it is ideal to have Service Pack 3 (SP3) for the OS.  What really hurts with that is there is not much free space left – even after removing the HP preload utilities that we do not use.  In fact there is not enough space to install the SCCM client.
Keep in mind that we are not joining these devices to the domain, patching them, or doing much more than a few configuration changes and enabling reporting and remote tools.  We use the HP Enhanced Write Filter (EWF) to lock the devices down and purge unwanted changes.
So, I hijacked a 1GB flash drive from a HP t5730 and set down the path to create my image (I will have another entry on the steps to having an image for these devices work with SCCM OSD soon).  Specific to the SCCM client I had to make sure I accomplished the following:
  • Not to have a repair or reinstallation occur post image
  • Be 100% certain that the “SMS Agent Host” is running and the client is fully functional
  • Ensure that the SCCM client has a unique GUID

To accomplish this I had to break out the SMS 2003 Toolkit (I needed “ccmdelcert.exe” and “tranguid.exe”).  I wrote a VBScript that did the following and was part of the larger process that, as I mentioned, I will post later (timing between these items will be detailed in that post as well).

  • Delete SMSCFG.INI (located in C:Windows)
  • Stopped the “SMS Agent Host” service (need to restarted the SCCM client to generate a new SMSCFG.INI file)
  • Started the “SMS Agent Host” service
  • Ran TRANGUID.EXE (this is what will regenerate the GUID and force the SCCM client to talk to the server)

In the end I have an image that can drop down to a HP t5720 with a 512MB flash drive that generates a unique GUID for SCCM and all of the client functionality exists.  To this point we have not found any issues.


Windows XPE – HP RAMDISK MANAGER & More Space

January 25, 2010 Leave a comment
HP RAMDISK MANAGER will limit you to 64MB.  To get more than that do the following:


  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMControlSet001ServicesRamdriveParameter
  • Double click on "DiskSize", select "Decimal" then enter "120586240". This will open up 115 megs on the Z drive
  • Reboot the computer then login again

Note: You can enter your own specified amount of space by this calculation: "X*1024*1024" where X = the amount of free space you want the Z drive to have.

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Windows XPE – EWFDLL.DLL & Imaging

January 21, 2010 Leave a comment
After capturing a Windows XPE image and deploying to a thin client you will need to run the following command line as an administrator to get EWF working again (yes you need the comma):
rundll32 ewfdll.dll,ConfigureEwf
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